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Achy Soak [herbal infusion]  (hand-made). SOLD OUT
Alleviate stress and tension with Salve’s Achy Soak. It’s just what you need to ease sore muscles..
$28.00 $14.00
Antioxidant Moisture Cream [naturally unscented] (70%+ certfied organic content)
Treat your face and body with Salve’s vitamin-enriched cream. This ultra-moisturizing cream is ..
$32.00 $15.00
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Clean Face Kit (Value $58)
1 - Antioxidant Three-Tea Cleanser 1 - Antioxidant Toner 1 - Antioxidant Moisture Cream 1 -..
$40.00 $30.00
Detox Soak [herbal infusion] (hand-made 30%+ certified organic content)
Relax your mind and body with this deep tissue detox soak. Our organic milled Atlantic kelp grows..
$28.00 $14.00
Medicine Pouch
Made out of recycled materials, this sturdy zipper pouch comes with 2 bandages, 2 advil packs and..
$7.00 $5.00
Necessity Kit
Contains cotton balls, cotton rounds, ear swabs, 2 nail files, hair tie, Shout cleaning wipe, 4 h..
$7.00 $4.50
Scrunchy Case (Chevron)
A collapsable denim-material case. This pouch expands about 5 inches high and collapses to 1.5 in..
$11.00 $6.00
Vapor Detox Soak (herbal infusion) (hand-made 20%+ certified organic content)
This is a TRUE DETOX! Don't expect this to be a relaxing bath. Instead, this bath will be very sh..
$28.00 $14.00
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